Focus your thinking !

Focus, divert, distract & change your compulsive thinking by focusing on your breath & you’ll dis-attach from your dysfunctional & desperate clinging 2 thinking.

Focus your thoughts, by focusing on your breath & experience thoughts & emotions 4 what they are, experiences passing-by, mental events 2 be non-judgmentally noticed only.

Stay focused on your breath 2 avoid becoming attached 2 thoughts & emotions & you’ll experience ‘a-bird-eye-view’. A view from above on your upcoming thoughts, emotions & the environment. A point of observation in the mind, unattached by nature.

Focus your thoughts, by focusing on your breath continuously & experience real mindfulness & silence in your head from the void that lays behind thoughts.

Focus your thinking & become attached (!) & in-sync with your real, permanent & eternal Self – your bodiless consciousness – your Self.

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  1. guybon says:

    Reading your writing I get an impression.
    This is difficult to see. An impression of a mismatch.
    My conciousness sees finaly the mismatch.

    I do not know where the text here comes from.
    Is it from a teacher, from a manual ?
    Or is it from experience or from instinct or from philosophy (thought up)?

    There is a difference between focus thinking (thought) and focussing consciousness on something, like breath. Thought sort of never notice .
    Thought is like doing a computation. It is not discovering, noticing (vipassana) the formulae that is used for the computation.
    You have different writing style than me.

    • thanks again 4 the comment
      Firstly, everything, absolutely everything I write on my blog is from own experiences !
      Thought is the driver & partner of your consciousness in this sphere &/or world.
      Thinking is what we do & when focussing on our breath, we cannot be thinking about something else & if we do, then that’s only because we got distracted & attached 2 that thought that interrupted the focus on our breathing.
      Focusing on our breath is a way 2 mindfulness, peace of mind & a way 2 end what we’ve been doing every since we got born : thinking, thinking & thinking & what did all of that thinking brought about ?

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