Inch Allah ~ God Willing !

Being born I cannot but adjust, adapt & accept everything & never lower myself 2 ‘lower-being’ 4 ‘higher-being’ is my purpose.

When I die ! Maybe I’ll be awaited by an angel. My inner-guide ? A projection of my mind ? Maybe I’ll inherit a world where I’m introduced 2 experiences of my past Life, as 2 rediscover them anew & broaden my perception. Maybe from there-on-out, I’ll be catapulted 2 an environment characteristic 2 my character, fears & desires. Maybe I’ll land in a place devoid of Love ! Maybe my soul, consciousness or ‘real’ being will be caught-up in a whirlpool of myriad events &situations. Maybe from there-on-out I’ll be born again & reincarnate or maybe I’ll stay awhile & fulfill my ‘lower instincts’ & cravings.

Maybe on the other hand & hopefully, a magnetic impelling force will pull me towards a heaven-like place, where I undergo my unconsciously ‘higher’ aspirations. Maybe I’ll be where there is no suffering, not even earthly consciousness. Where hate, desire, anger or despair are unknown 4 only the ‘higher’ parts get 2 that heavenly place. A world where the soul or consciousness, devoid of a body or form, left behind all thoughts & desires.

Maybe later-on & again, I have 2 reincarnate from thereon-out, only carrying my ‘higher’ cosmic & heavenly features, my ethical & compassionate real self as 2 fulfill, realize & accomplish my dharma.

Willingly & unwillingly
I sow the fruits of karma.
Inch Allah ~ God Willing !

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