Wise people know that all is thought !

Accordingly, wise people, don’t look 4 ways 2 prolong life &/or being on earth 4 being only enhances desire, suffering & attachment through over-excessive thought-production. Wise people don’t attach themselves 2 anything earthly 4 everything that’s earthly is unreal, illusionary & conditioned. Wise people know that ‘earthly Life’ is but mind preoccupation, contamination & indoctrination.

Wise people do not think about the world, earth & the universe & do not try 2 give explanations of its origins, nor analyze God’s mysterious ways 4 wise people know they are just passengers in a collective illusionary & delusive dualistic construction, on the way 2 real reality. Wise people know that one should try 2 escape illusions & by that ultimately & inevitably also our world & universe, the biggest illusion of all !

Wise people reject & renounce everything but the Highest, which is the unconditioned alone. Wise people transcend the oppositions & distinguish between the conditional World & the unconditional World or the World of unconditioned things beyond dualism 4 wise people know their ultimate future is same & alike their long-forgotten past.

Wise people constantly erase their indoctrinations by reevaluating everything & attaching their minds & Self only 2 what’s real & unconditioned ! Compulsive actions & compulsive random excessive thinking are alien 2 any wise person 4 a wise person knows that one’s thinking can be the greatest enemy, in a universe made out of thought !

Any wise person knows that freeing oneself from samsara & being in general, wherein good karma is rare & bad karma is abundant is mandatory 4 the absolute end of suffering 4 samsara & suffering are tied 2 being !

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