Minds are tools 2 be used or Minds take-over.

Ever noticed how compulsive the mind works ? When what troubled us is resolved, we like almost immediately, scan our mind, in search of new ‘things’ that distress, confuse &/or trouble us.

The mind is insatiable & a compulsive trouble-seeker. Our minds are so conditioned, that it seizes upon whatever 2 disrupt intuitive thinking, mindfulness & well-being. Our minds are using us, 2 cling us 2 life & being, samsara & mãyã, out of survival needs.

While the mind & its exponents, thoughts & emotions, are in fact like the weather. Constantly changing & passing-by. Thoughts & emotions are our mental weather, ‘things’ that happen 2 us, nothing 2 cling 2 but just watch it pass-by. Thoughts & emotions are experiences we don’t have 2 cling 2 but dis-attach from if dysfunctional.

Thoughts have 2 be controlled & curbed, trained & optimized or thoughts take-over & become compulsive & the effect of the cause is, wasting of mental-energy on trivialities & nagging, perpetual avoidance of displeasures & boredom &/or insatiability & ultimately negative emotions.

Change your thoughts
& ultimately you’ll change your feelings.
Control your thoughts & focus your thinking
& you’ll coexist in peace with your emotions !

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