The impatient & restless nature of an ego.

I used 2 be always rushing from here 2 there. Always in a hurry. Doing whatever I had 2 do. Doing whatever I was supposed 2 do. Holding-on 2 nearly anything & everything. Unaware of real reality or of what really is & matters.

I was conscious of me, myself & I & absorbed in my world of desires. Fulfilling my wants & so-called needs. I was unconscious of the rest of the world, nature & other people, animals & other beings.

I was always criticizing, judging & differentiating, unaware of the self-deceptive nature of making distinctions & searching 4 differences. I was always creating oppositions & discriminations. I was unaware of everything & anything but myself. In fact I was aware of nothing. I was merely me, a Self, made out of myself & undergone indoctrinations.

I was just me, aware of only me, myself & I up & until through yoga I saw me & later-on I saw me in everybody else & everybody else in me, as one, which destroyed my ego & false Self & made me feel lonelier in this world & more alienated from the world than ever before, though also more confident, unafraid & happier than ever & ever since I inhabit actionlessness & mindfulness, I am mindful & watchful, fully aware of everything. It’s, as if the world, nature & reality, has come 2 life only from then & there-on & every moment again & again & since then I became a meditation junky – the perfect human activity, hobby & condition as 2 peel one’s ego & ultimately end samsara & karma, as a whole as 2 ultimately become one, whole & natural again in the One.

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