2 Learn 2 Die is 2 Learn 2 Live.

Birth is inevitably succeeded by death & most probably followed by rebirth & this cycle of samsara of uncontrolled birth, death & rebirth is caused by desire & kept in existence through ignorance.

Samsara which is subject 2 eternal change is the root of all suffering 4 samsara or the cycle of suffering that we’ve been propelled into & the actions they provoke, feeds karma that enforces samsara.

Birth & rebirth are indeed like forever, though death or non-being, nirvana & freedom from suffering could be forever 4 that’s consciousness & natural being & contrary 2 or the opposite of the nature of suffering.

Samsara can only be stopped though, through the opposite of ignorance, compulsive thinking & dysfunctional actions 4 karma feeds on samsara & samsara on karma. Samsara & karma can only be diminished & reduced through wisdom & wisdom can only be acquired, received & attained, while under control of samsara & karma, through desirelessness, actionlessness & thoughtlessness or through ‘the copying of the One’ through real yoga &/or meditation, the only producer of wisdom or real knowledge.

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