It all starts with a thought. (part 3/3)

A thought in the mind & our thinking. Thinking that’ll sooner or later materialize & become ‘real’. Thinking that evolves in manifestations & being & in things happening accordingly. In being & compatible with that being, the manifestation of our daily life.

Life is nothing but the result of our thoughts & our individual personal & specific way of thinking. All is the result of karma & karma is the result of being. Being is the result of our thoughts. Thoughts & thinking are the result of habitual being, compulsiveness & delusiveness. Delusiveness is the result of mãyã on our being. Mãyã is the result of our wishes & desires. Desires & wishes are the result of our obsessive & compulsory in-satisfaction. Our in-satisfaction is the result of ignorance. Ignorance is the result of (our) karma & karma, its cyclic & reversal movement is the result of itself.

( check archives 4 other part )

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