It all starts with a thought. (part 2/3)

A thought in the mind & our thinking. Thinking that’ll sooner or later materialize & become ‘real’. Thinking that attracts other thinking. Like magnets attracting other magnets or iron or anything with compatible forces.

Specific thinking attracting the same specific thinking or karma. Thinking attracting compatible thinking, which increases thoughts. Thinking that becomes compulsive, turning into obsessional thinking or thoughts that create our personal perception, life & destiny.

Our thinking has become the driver of our actions, the driving force behind our being. Our life & destiny is the result of our random & compulsive thinking. Our hate or love & our behaviour is the result of our individual compulsive thinking & the world & our universe is the result of the collective & compulsive thinking of all present sentient beings. Badness & evil, darkness or goodness & peace, hate & love, immanent & present in the world & our life 4 it’s present in our collective minds.

( check archives 4 other part )

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