It all starts with a thought. (part 1/3)

A thought in the mind & our thinking. Thinking that’ll sooner or later materialize & become ‘real’.

The complete manifestation, the total demonstration of existence, our perception of reality, the extent 2 which reality is revealed 2 us, starts with one thought & one thought only. In that one thought lies the power & energy & all the intentions.

Everything is made out of thought(s) & in those powerful energetic thoughts is meaning. Behind every thought there is intention, a plan, purpose & meaning.

A single thought from us, is flimsy. Many thoughts though, have already the capacity in them 2 produce. Concentrated thoughts or repeated & focused thinking though, have materializing energies, they possess powers causing ‘thoughts’ 2 become real & actual or taking, making & becoming material form.

( check archives 4 other part )

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