Distraction (part 2/3).

The chance 2 forget something or not (!) 2 think of something ain’t working with suppression &/or oppression of that specific thought !

In yoga, the yoga that matters, the yoga that focusses on thought- & breath-control, one has 2 concentrate one’s thinking. Meaning from plural 2 singular, from a lot, constantly & continuously 2 a little until one thought or focus remains. That one thought will be attacked & disturbed by other & new incoming penetrating thoughts continuously until (!) the ego is tired & let’s go of its habit of renewing & attracting more thoughts & only then, that one thought or that one focus, remains.

The paradox of these events lies in distraction. In automatically being distracted from focus towards the penetrating &/or incoming thoughts. By undergoing these incoming thoughts or the distraction, simply because one can’t control nor influence those invaders, is giving the preferred thought or the main-focus both the chance & ability 2 repeatedly dominate over these intruders (the incoming thoughts). It’s the distraction that creates (the) ability 2 focus. By not giving attention 2 the distractions from the intruders we perpetuate the state of (our) focus !

Converted into or 2 daily Life : If one wants 2 ban stressful thoughts out of one’s mind & thereby reduce the impact on our memory & diminish compulsive thinking in general or if one doesn’t want 2 think of certain things ? One has 2 infuse in our mood, mind & thoughts a directed distraction. So as 2 be able 2 cope with stressful & compulsive thinking, even thoughts of darkness or with physical pain(!), distraction (imagine being in the sun) is a better coping-strategy or remedy than suppression & any control attempts (don’t think of the pain) or any positive thinking (don’t think of anything negative & don’t feel anything painful).

( check archives 4 other part )

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