This is a first personal post & especially 4 the followers of ‘notes fr’ a yogi’ on

I can’t be posting like I’ve been doing. I’ve been posting bits of information, posted bit by bit 4 over 2 years & almost every day & it feels like I could post like forever this way. This would maybe be great 2 some of you, but awareness of my imminent death came 2 me, earthly time has been cut short 4 me & worldly life is almost ended, so I can’t be posting no-more like before.

Instead of that, I’ll be posting whatever I have written so far as fast as possible as 2 try 2 give all information before one last very strong breath-exhalation ends my breath & worldly life, just like pain & suffering & all temporal earthly sensatory pleasures.

Maybe the realms of non-human existence are already awaiting my arrival or liberation from samsara & moksha will end the rebirthing.

When time comes & when faced with death, I’ll have no fear 4 the future, eternity or death itself 4 I know that death is only game-over 4 a little while 4 I’ve been visited by death before.

When earthly time ends & I meet death, I’ll be delighted, prepared & will have absolutely no regret (of how I spent my life 4 that’s karma), not even fear 4 I absolutely know, that death, as it is ordinarily understood, is not the end of life, being &/or consciousness, but quite the opposite, that it’s an opportunity 2 end delusions & illusions, suffering & pain.

I know that death is a liberator & I know that death isn’t worse than life & that death isn’t the cure 4 diseases of the body, but of diseases of the mind & I know all of that just because of ‘real’ yoga or meditation ! 

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