Just like you close-off
the outer-world by closing off
your senses (sound, smell, taste, touch
& sight) 2 ease & relax your body, you should
close your mind 2 enlighten your Self !

Focus on your breath ! Be
a spectator of your up- & incoming thoughts,
judgements & feelings & let them go.
Don’t be a participant !

Detach your Self
from your compulsive thinking,
main producer of emotions, by focusing
on your breath. Let everything else be & return
2 the breath every time you’ve been carried
away by your distracted mind.

Realize that the mind
is a kind of sense-door, a screen
on which thoughts are projected, a pearl
in which thoughts get reflected, compared
& intertwined, re-produced & produced,
that got attracted firstly from
the outer-world.

Realize that the mind
just like the (other) senses,
drive, control & compel (humans),
must be controlled, quietened & dampened
down 2 ease, aside from the body,
the real Self.

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