does not mean doing nothing !  

Everybody knows we have 2 work,
but we must be aware that work is in fact
performed by our body & our mind & since our mind
& body is not truly ours, it is therefore not really us
who do the work, task, chore or job !

Meaning, there is distinction
between the ego & mind, the body
& the true Self or consciousness, spirit & soul.
Remains the fact, that we are free of the need
2 do actions because there is nothing really
that has 2 be done, nothing 2 be
gained & nothing 2 lose.

By doing nothing
we don’t suffer nor enjoy
any results of our action(s).

Thoughts like ‘I did it’
or ‘It’s because of me this happened’
are unreal, delusive & defective
like any immodesty.

Self-praise & entitlement,
honor, glory or fame may never be
an issue in our mind & thoughts nor in our
actions only because they are dysfunctional
& form obstacles getting towards thoughtlessness
within actionlessness from desirelessness
in ‘real’ yoga.

is not only a buddhist
& taoistic virtue, it’s
a heavenly virtue.

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