By doing nothing at all
or by being actionless, one accomplishes all !
By doing nothing physically or mentally
one achieves everything !

Can you be actionless ?

Actionlessness within thoughtlessness
is meditation or ‘real’ yoga, wherein one doesn’t
move, thinks or desires anything, which aligns one’s
Self with the One
& Originator or the Absolute, the Well of
Consciousness, the universal spirit or the tao, Allah,
Yahweh, the holy Father, Abraham,

Brahman or God, etc.

Actionlessness within thoughtlessness
through alignment with the One, is the gateway
2 myriad etherealities, knowledge & wisdom.

Actionlessness within thoughtlessness
is copying the One which inevitably cleanses
karma & destroys samsara through
equalizing with the One.

Act actionlessly
& discover your ‘real’ Self
from seeing your Self in reflection
with the One that’ll free your Self from
your false Self or ego & you’ll discover forces
in your actions, you were unaware of exactly
through actionlessness & thoughtlessness
or by doing nothing at all !

Can you be actionless ?

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