We experience sadness
or happiness, love & hate, stress or
calmness, not because the external world
is sad or happy, stressful or calming, but
because we perceive it as such.

from the outside
is perse bad & negative or good
& positive, in itself ! Nothing is bad or
good, only our thinking makes it as such. The
outside-event plus the inside-emotion
makes individual Reality !

from the outside-world is bad
or good ! Nothing outside of our Mind
should be considered as negative or positive
4 anything we believe it 2 be,
it will be as such.

It’s not certain
things, people & situations
that make us sad & distressed, happy
or angry, it’s our mind that produces those
certain feelings, not the actual events.

It’s not the actual events
in the outside-world that are distressing
but our perception that’s making it appear
as such. All’s in our Mind.

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