Stop Wondering of
which is now, which has been
& which is 2 be !

Free your mind of wants
& desires. End slavery 2 Self-pity
& discontentment. Perfect this very moment
& keep analyzing your thoughts
& actions closely !

Be or try 2 be or remain immaculate
4 in order 2 take positive transformations all
effort must come through the mind itself ! Expand
& explore your mind & transcend 2 immaculateness
by ‘real’ yoga or meditation !

Free your mind in yoga
& feel & see your Self & all other Selves
united in consciousness & all & everything created
by love, through compassion & forgiveness. Free your Self
& see & experience all creatures & beings in your Self
& your Self in all beings & creatures.

End compulsive thinking & thinking
in general 2 free, ease & enlighten your mind
from all (!) earthly contaminations daily by ‘real’
yoga or meditation & experience Truth !

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