We people,
the associates,
accomplices & partners
of Nothingness.

Whatever you are seeking
4 in life, in fact it is seeking you.

When you can look within,
then you will really see (!), apprehend
& comprehend.
When you have looked within
you’ll know what’s important or unimportant,
real or unreal, deceptive & delusive.

In Nothingness you’ll realize
that there is nowhere 2 go 2, simply because
you are already there & through this journey in
Nothingness you’ll see that nothing
really has 2 be done.

When you can look within,
you have closed-off the outer-world or
Somethingness, sense-perceptions & thoughts
& going into Nothingness, you’ll realize that humans
are nothing else but associates, accomplices
&/or partners of that Nothingness.

In Nothingness you’ll start
2 comprehend that by sitting still
& by playing dead within the mind & the
body, you are joining in Shiva’s dance
of destruction & construction.

Catching the rhythm & vibrations
of going through the changes & alterations of
moving into Nothingness, you are dancing like
Shiva on Somethingness, matter & gravity,
space & time & ignorance.

Shiva’s dance
will temporarily set you free from
Somethingness (destruction) though surely
will indefinitely set you free of illusions,
delusions & ignorance (construction).
It’s Shiva’s Snake shedding its skin
transforming Being through
& yoga.

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