Positive thinking
is invented out of laziness & ignorance
& has become a second-hand remedy
4 Selfknowledge & Selfhealing.

Positive thinking
is a bitter & sour un-tasty fruit
4 positive thinking is a product from our brain,
mind & thinking & from there an extract of the ego
& not from the real Self, who’s positive
by nature.

Positive thinking
is but concealed &/or veiled darkness
4 being the consequence of rationalization(s).

Positive thinking
is an egocentric withdrawal from reality
into an illusion, a detachment from general
reality into a self-build illusion.

Positive thinking
perpetuates darkness of ignorance.

Positive thinking
is but an ally, just like compulsive
thinking is of the darkness of mãyã, going-over
into mankind 2 confuse, delude & ultimately & indefinitely
attach the Self 2 perpetual samsara & mãyã
within myriad incarnations.

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  1. tom george says:

    “a self-build illusion” – I like it!

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