Until recently
psychologists were convinced that
an accurate perception of reality is of essential
importance 4 mental health. Boxed-in their habitual
thinking-mode, they refused 4 centuries 2 acknowledge
that one can function & be very happy
within (an) unreality.

Like with the so many mad, crazy
& split-personality people, those ‘live-actors’
who change their being & action(s) only according 2
the situations & interactions. Albeit that they feel a little
lost in our physical world which labels them as abnormal
& un-adapted, they are very happy in their unreal
world, within their un-objective & unrealistic
thinking-mode & mind.

Many amongst them so-called
abnormal &/or crazy one’s, survive using
(yet unconsciously) positive illusions & yet they are
much happier than the so-called normal. They are living in an
absurd world, which is an illusion by adapting 2 the illusion,
by adding 2 the illusion. Whatever makes one happy
is ok though obviously not 4 psychologists.

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