Positive thinking
maybe correlated with better health,
though the causality of this context
remains as yet unclear.

The concept or ideology of positive thinking
is rationally invented 2 increase our ability dealing
with reality & it’s tribulations through visualizations
& imaginations, which unavoidably involves
unrealistic albeit positive illusions !

Positive thinking
is imagining things that ain’t real
nor present, enabling its users 2 deal
with but not 2 confront reality !

Positive thinking
therefore can have serious
negative effects &/or create inauspicious
consequences 4 our social relations, health
& well-being in general.

Positive thinking
surely is not a guarantee 4 happiness
or good health but 4 discrepancies between what’s
‘real’ or reality & what’s wished & desired
or cognitive dissonance !

Positive thinking
is neither a solution 4 stress, because
suppressing unwanted thoughts & emotions results
into more of the same, that enhance the inability 2 forget
them as a whole. Unrealistic or even realistic goal-setting(s),
wishes & desires are the root-cause 4 unhappiness !

Positive thinking
isn’t the opposite of negative thinking
4 positive thinking isn’t positivity or
the opposite of negativity !

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