your thoughts & that’s all !
Ease & relax your mind by just
watching your thoughts. Let thoughts,
feelings & sensations appear or reappear
& disappear as they came, as your mind
detaches from compulsive being.

on your breath, as you fall into
some sort of natural sync with your inner Self
& feel that Self become detached from compulsive
thinking & enjoy peace of mind from mindcontrol.
Experience refreshment of both the mind & the
body, all within the transformation of
the Self, by focus of the Mind !

your thoughts as they subside
& realize the needs of your true Self, while you
get 2 know your deeper true bright Self, underneath
& as opposed 2 your fake & dark insatiable Self, that
can only be known, overcome & crushed by your real
Self, by ‘real’ meditation &/or yoga 4 only that’ll lift
your true Being above your false Self or ego, open
your mind & let you experience genuine
mindfulness, even Bliss.

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