from your thoughts !
Never-mind your Mind !
Don’t waist energy with random
thoughts or with so-called involuntary
compulsive thinking !
Control your mind,
thoughts & thinking 4
Energizing the mind
constantly by compulsive thinking surely ain’t
the way 2 achieve peace of mind or do you think
‘we are just a bundle of perceptions’ in need
of changing thoughts & constant
thought-production ?

One must realize that when one is
constantly involved &/or consumed by one’s
thoughts, one projects one’s mind continuously
away from the present & away from one’s intuition
& inner Self. A separation that one day or another,
will get the better of our Self & will be the victim
of our over-excessive, random & unfocused
thinking, that’ll express itself through
uncontrollable & inexplicable stress,
anxiety, ambivalence, failure,
loss, sickness, etc.

from your thoughts
4 you are not your Mind
4 your own & everybody
else’s wellbeing !

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