as we know,
is not Reality !

Reality is a reality
amongst many that
survives on Ignorance !

Our world is not real !
Our world is deceptive because one
mistakes it 4 what it is not ! Even though our
world of things seems real, because its existent,
tangible & visually real, doesn’t mean it’s really
real &/or Reality & ever the same
under any circumstance.

Our material world is an illusion
& unreal like dreams are unreal. Our material world
& universe, that’s interconnected with all the perpetually
changing sentient beings’ minds, is but the mirror-image of
the collective minds of all sentient beings. The ever-changing
minds, feelings & thoughts of all sentient beings, is the
reason 4 both the ever-changing reality-world
experience & the ever-changing

What makes one of them
real & the other unreal ? Nothing makes
one of them real & the other unreal 4 both of them
are nothing but the result of Mind or Thought which
makes them unreal, not really real & certainly
not Reality ! Experiences is what they are
& nothing else or more.

Real Reality
can only be experienced
in Thoughtlessness !

Our material world,
just like our dream-world
can in such be called &/or named illusions,
because they are not really ‘real’ & only seem ‘real’
& genuine & both of them, as a magical trick,
shouldn’t be taken so seriously !

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