Transcend the Oppositions
4 what’s the difference really in
the eyes of the One, our real birthmother
& absolute birthplace ? All’s the same &
alike from that point of view !

Differentiation & searching
4 distinctions is a disease, like all thinking in
dualities or cause & effect chains, just like hanging-on
2 the superiority of reason, logicality & the intellect
&/or ratio, the birthplace & life-giver or well of
all oppositions, is a disease.

Transcend the oppositions
4 all of them are contaminations
of our mind & form obstructions in meditation
& thoughtcontrol towards enlightenment.

Do not be confused about
what’s eternal, unlimited & real
as opposed 2 what’s temporary,
unlimited & unreal !

Transcend the oppositions
& amplify your mindfulness, awareness
& harmony with your environment, nature
& ‘real’ reality & that’ll decrease obstructions
on the way 2 samãdhi &/or enlightenment
when in meditation, by the increase
of thoughtcontrol.

Mindfulness, compassion
& harmony are amplified by
the loss of contradictions.

Transcend the oppositions
& enjoy life more by apprehending
All under Heaven as alike & from the
same source, in total absence of fixed ideas,
preference & choice & feel liberated from a lot of
compulsive thinking, illusions & dysfunctional
thinking, being & actions.

Transcend dualism
4 healthier & ‘better-being’
& 2 be prepared 4 ‘best-being’ or
non-earthly-being in life after death !

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