Transcend the Oppositions
4 all is alike & from one essence only !

Cleanse your mind
& perspective by giving-up on all
manmade differentiations.
Small or tall,
big or little, fat or skinny, smart or stupid,
ugly or pretty, 2 fat or 2 short, 2 white or 2
black, one or two, yin or yang, etc. are
all subjective classifications !

Let them all be & go
from your mind. All of them are
delusive ideas, temporary concepts
& mind-constructions & above all food 4
confusion & excessive thinking & knowledge.
Reject them rationally as 2 erase them from your
perception & consequently from your actions.

Relax your mind & let go of all
that’s excessive ! Join in the perpetual changes
& accept the dualities, but in mind & thinking reject
illusive differentiations connected 2 a delusive
working-sphere-planet/universe enslaved
2 action & striving.

Become more mindful,
unprejudiced & end competition,
rivalry, contention, discrimination
& in the end negativism by apprehending
reality 4 what it is, from one essence only !

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