there’s Id, there’s an ego
2 be discovered & dismantled !

A wise person
has liberated his Self
from the ego & contemplates
the laws of life rather than his Self
or its effects & the world.

A wise person
adapt 2 the perpetual changes,
stays free of blame & outside the affairs
of the world only 2 remain free of desires,
destabilizing temptations & emotional

A wise person
guards his inner-being by
mimicking ‘the way of heaven’ or by doing
nothing at random & only harmonizing with
the flux of events 4 ‘actionlessness’ is
the whole purpose of life.

A wise person
is a searcher within his own
Self 4 Self-knowledge 4 in knowledge
of the Self lies ‘Knowledge of All’ or wisdom
& the identity of the ego & where there’s
wisdom there’s an Id ejecting the ego !

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