is surely the ego,
the seat of evil within,
that loves excess, hates knowledge
& destroys comprehension if unrecognized
4 ignorance fuels both desire
& the senses.

are the senses
& superior 2 the body,
though stronger than the senses is
the mind ! Pure actionlessness or the practice
of yogic postures or the stopping of all bodily
actions won’t rest the mind nor the
senses, only the body.

are the senses,
insatiable & addictive, hard
2 curb & hardly overcome-able
by simply the mind 4 the senses
& the mind, even intelligence,
give only way 2 desire !

are the senses,
though stronger than the senses
is the mind & more superior 2 the mind
is intelligence, but above all of that, is the soul,
that if engaged, the mind, senses & intelligence
follow in reflecting the soul’s pure identity of
selflessness within desireless-ness.

the Soul as the master
of one’s Self, one listens, reflects
& compels one’s self 2 the Self (!) only
& one’ll surely conquer desire !

(inspired by Bhagavadgita verses 3.40-41-42-43)

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