Take a good look
at what you have & wished you had
& then take a good look at what you had & lost
& then at what you absolutely wanted & got.

Lastly take a real long good look
at what you really need as opposed 2 what
you have or wished you had & what you should realize
from this, is that most of what you liked almost all lost
their meaning over time & that should give you a sort of
warning, anytime another desire consumes
your thoughts & being !

Look at yourself
& analyze your past desires
& surely you’ll kill some present &/or future
desires or all of them, in time before they
kill you anytime sooner or later !

Get & acquire,
obtain &/or buy what your body needs
2 survive i.c. of food, drinks, etc. & nothing
more & then buy experiences !

Make Life an adventure
4 life is nothing but an adventure,
an unusual enterprise & experience
in getting 2 know one’s real Self in all
situations that’ll lead 2 more &/or genuine,
authentic Self-knowledge, leading
towards ‘Higher’ being.

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