one wants 2 change,
but simply cannot 4 lots of reasons,
like lack of will & frailty or compulsivity
that’s so hard 2 turn-around.

one really tries everything (!)
& still nothing changes besides
from our own perception.

whatever one does or can do,
all’s like in vain & all stays the same
4 one cannot always change one’s future
at one’s will & definitely not instantly 4 the simple
reason that the future is interconnected with the past,
making change & most certainly change
4 the better almost unachievable.

The Light
cannot always
& ever overcome
The Dark.

of murkiness from the past isn’t
erasable at one’s will only 4 our individual
future is interconnected with our personal karma,
making change & certainly change 4 the better ever
uncertain, difficult & maybe even impossible.

One can then
only leave everything 2 what’s
also called carelessness, inevitability
& predestination, even fatalism & fate
or better said, in willful leaving 2 chance
change 4 the better & hope
4 the ‘better’ only.

not (!) but all of the time ! One
should apprehend the future itself as merely
a chance 4 change, merely an opportunity & not as
a certainty 4 change, not as an object
but as the instrument
of change !

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