Can we
say &/or believe
that people know themselves
just because they say so ? That they
know what they think, because they are
thinking it & that they know what they feel,
because they are feeling it ?

Can hyper-active
or yang-people, those buzzy striving
ambitious one’s, acquire Self-knowledge
through Self-reflection ?

Can those people amidst their activeness
reflect upon them Selves really ? How & when
could that happen & would this be an accurate
& objective perspective ?

Some people
have been separating themselves
from their Self 4 decades, that they cannot
sit quietly, still or lie down wide-awake & do
nothing anymore or like they say themselves
& acknowledged 2 themselves,
they’d go crazy.

don’t know them Selves really,
let alone the real needs of their real Self
&/or accurate needs. People obviously don’t know
the accurate reasons & correlations of their
behaviour &/or actions or ways of being.

are constantly processing information
albeit job-related or not or are continuously
physically active albeit sports-related or not
& all because of them Selves !

lost the meaning of life
& what’s more saddening they don’t
know it themselves, they only come close 2 some
realization when it’s 2 late, when sickness &/or
failure, misery &/or pain, disease &/or
death  break through the pattern
of their behaviour & being.

obviously love 2 learn
the hard-way.

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