Research has shown
that we think highly of ourselves.
That we over-estimate our intellectual
& social capacities & this in diverse domains.
Remarkable is the fact that the more dumb &
incompetent a person is, the more convinced
that person is of the opposite !

Subtle Self-glorification
or implicit Selfishness do typify humans.
Albeit we don’t go as far as flattering ourselves,
well not constantly anyway, the reaction is more
a reflex. Moreover most people are unrealistically
optimistic. We tend 2 increase our role in past events
& point out our successes while avoiding our failure’s,
blunders & any displeasure or shortcoming(s).

Many amongst us,
can’t help but brag about their relationship(s)
with famous people, which 4 researchers in social
psychology is a proof that many evaluate themselves
in comparison 2 others, mostly with those
resembling themselves.

But what happens with
our Self-esteem, when we are used 2
comparing ourselves 2 others, when those others
achieve more & perform better than we do ? Which is
something that everyone recognizes especially those of us
who don’t want 2 go 2 class-reunions. Subsequently this is
the reason why most commonly we rather compare
ourselves 2 others less fortunate or not at all !

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