Staying true 2 one’s Self
is a disease & the greatest terror.

Everyone has an unchanging core in his Self,
therefore we can say that we stay somehow the same,
albeit we change every day. That unchanging core within
our Self, is what makes some scientist believe it is detectable.
Henceforth the saying ‘staying true 2 one’s Self’ which is
synonym 2 intuition & intuitive thinking, even
moral goodness & empathy.

But is that correct ?
Is what we think is our true Self,
really our own & true & one & only Self ?
Don’t we change ? Do we stay the same or change
with the changes & as such adapt with the changes ?
One changing or one unchanging Self ? Do we change
or forever stay the same somehow ?

Every one of us,
possesses in his Self, qualities of different
adaptable Selves. But when you look in the mirror,
what do you see ? When you look at your Self do you see
one or many Selves ? Do you see a person with a stable
concept of his Self & a constant personality or rather
a person with a changing identity ?

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