All is Return of energy
2 its primal state of pure energy.

All generated from purity
within the Light or the One.
All was pure & can only return 2 the One
when compatible or pure again. All went from
Non-Being into Being. All emanated out of the One
into the Web or the Field of Vibration & went from
motionlessness in Nothingness 2 perpetual
motion in Somethingness.

All was ‘Resting in Being’,
the only purpose of Non-Being,
making ‘Resting in Being’ obviously
the required state as 2 reunite
with the One.

The purpose of Being
is thus nothing but passionate,
ego-less participation in life while constantly
aiming 4 ‘Higher Being’ or totally
‘Resting in Being’ until
Being is no more !

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