Nothing but Changes.

What is now a stone in a certain time
will become soil & from the soil it will become
a plant or maybe an animal or a human being
4 all & everything reincarnates.

Anything that’s here
& anyone who’s here, was
here before. All sentient beings
have been here before 4 everything
is Return.
All is Return of energy
2 its primal state of pure energy.

Matter is energy
& energy is vibrations.
Vibrations is Light & Light is
waves of vibrations. Vibration is energy
& matter is energy in vibration.

Everything is therefore’ life’
4 everything is in vibration. Everything is
electricity &/or magnetism & in vibration,
in dynamics of molecules & cells.
All is
electromagnetism stemming
from the Light !

Everything is therefore Light
4 everything together with our
consciousness stems
from the Light !

Everything is as such life,
it’s only a matter of how we perceive
& look at time & in this line of time & cycle
of change we can become anything ! Soil, mineral,
plant, vegetable, animal or human,
even a Buddha.

We are everything & have long been
everything. As such we’ve got 2 recognize our
own incarnation amongst myriad incarnations, all
stemming from the same source, as a ceaselessly
evolving body-spirit-soul in ever changing
mãyã’s, all aiming 4 ‘higher’ &/or
the absolute end of being,
rebirth & reincarnation.

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