Self-knowledge isn’t
knowing who your enemies are !

Self-knowledge isn’t
just knowledge of one’s nature,
abilities & limitations ! Self-analysis isn’t really
needed as 2 know one’s talents, desires & actual &/or
illusive shortcomings or enemies 4 that matter.

Self-knowledge is
neither about analyzing one’s thoughts,
but about analyzing the consequences of one’s
actions ! Self-analysis surely ain’t about idle brooding
over oneself but about examining the effects
& influences one produces & spreads.

Self-knowledge isn’t
Self-preoccupation, but concern about
the effects one creates 4 its only by the effects
we produce that one can judge whether one
should advance (yang) or retreat (yin).

Self-knowledge is
more than some psychological knowledge, it’s
what attracts divine inspirations & what eliminates
fears & ‘unloving’ behaviour or the purpose
&/or real meaning of any decent religion.

Self-knowledge isn’t
just the beginning towards a solution,
but the entire solution 4 knowledge of the Self
is power over the Self. Knowledge of our Self gives
understanding of how the Self is pushed-back &
overthrown by an unconsciously self-made
& indoctrinated other I &/or dark Self.

Self-knowledge is
what reveals our true nature, lower & real Self
& that revelation generates transformation of the
lower Self towards a better &/or higher Self. Simply
because darkness fades into the light, just like
emotions, desires & cravings cease 2 be
passions as soon as we form
clear ideas of them !

Insight is redemption,
understanding is deliverance
& Self-knowledge is Self-transcendence
towards compassionate being 4 Self-knowledge
is the crux of Compassion !

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