Ever at the same time we are (Being)
& never stop evolving (Becoming). Some
remain in Being & get lost in Becoming.
in Being
assume they never were before. Some
don’t know why they are. Some beings never Become,
lose themselves in Becoming (perpetually reincarnate).
Some act as if Being is all that matters & deeply attach that all
they attract in their battle against time & striving 4 material,
self-importance & self-glorification, is existential
problems, illness & disease.

Lost in Becoming in the pinnacle
of illusions is unavoidable, therefore the Self
must be constantly watched & remade as 2 transcend
the old & inappropriate Self. Life is & should be nothing
less than about perpetual self-transcendence 4 Being must
be constantly made 4 aren’t we all lost in Becoming ?

Being must be remade as
2 transcend exactly Being !

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