Ain’t it hard 2 change ?

It is, though change 4 the ‘better’
is what everybody needs 4 if we would be wise,
good & compassionate, we wouldn’t be here,
alive & as they say ‘kicking’ !

It is difficult 2 change, though change
is what everybody needs 4 without change
all really ends. Change is the only constant.
but perpetual changes. Nothing ever stays the same, is
final, ends, begins, etc. Everything is return. Changes are
the enemy we truly need 4 changes ensure progress.
Change only is what makes All under Heaven
transcend, the goal of All under Heaven.

arise from the demands of time.
Changes are the engine of All under Heaven.
The only thing not changing are the changes themselves,
just like the constant producing of thoughts of all
sentient beings – the instigators of exactly
the changes themselves ! 

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