Ain’t it hard 2 change ?
Surely, it’s hard, in fact so hard
that most of us never change !

It’s so difficult 2 change our life, being
& habitual ways, let alone try 2 become generally
‘good’ &/or a ‘better’ human, that hardly anyone really
changes, giving the illusion of invariable Selves.

Sure, once character has
rooted itself, it’s difficult 2 change.
Sure, trying
2 be different & keep one’s self from falling-back in old
dysfunctional behaviour is even harder, but letting-go of old
&/or inappropriate &/or destructive actions (& thoughts) be it
towards oneself or others, is not only an absolute necessity 4
good health but also 4 the absolute end of suffering
reincarnation, birth & rebirth or general Being. 

The never-ending changes
generate global or general evolution & evolution
comes from individual evolution or Self-improvement
or the individual Self that constantly adapts & remodels
its Self, as 2 become ‘better’. Life should in such be about
nothing else than perpetual self-transcendence
4 character isn’t immutable but changeable !

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