When one sees,
what seems 2 our own self as
strange behaviour from others, one self-reflects.

When one realizes mistakes,
dysfunctional &/or strange behaviour in one’s own
way of being, one self-reflects.

When one self-reflects,
one recognizes & perhaps even acknowledges
one’s own mistakes.

When one is wise,
after realization, recognition & acknowledgement
has settled, one should see those mistakes merely as
part of one’s given (!) temperament
that can be changed !

It’s a chance 4 change when realized,
though just because it came under attention
shouldn’t be but needs 2 be changed ! They’re part of
karma’s mysterious ways of creating opportunities 4 change 4
the global good by giving chances 4 needed change 2 the individual
Self. They’re signs & signals emerging from the subconscious
driven by karma as 2 incite 4 change. It’s karma’s way of
helping the individual Self, inciting Self-transformation
by understanding & acceptance of own & other’s
imperfections in the enhancing of
Compassion 4 the Global Good.

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