Karma’s ways are mysterious & then again not.
Karma is always in function of the Greater Good.

Supervisor chief executive God
& manager Karma together with
assistant manager Death their ways
are incomprehensible 4 our
earthly minds only !

Mind tied 2 being is the only reason
4 our ignorance.
Mind attached 2 Being, cannot
encompass nor apprehend, not even simply understand
all there’s 2 know, out of over-immersion in Being. The real
Self though can, though only without the mind, when the mind is
shut off, when in thoughtlessness it comprehends, leaving in
that mind knowledge that’ll in the end mean & bring forth
the end of that mind & with that, all confusion within
dualism 4 w
hen one has true knowledge of all there’s
2 know, one isn’t anymore & certainly not on
earth, in our world 4 having supreme
knowledge of all is incompatible
with Being !

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