We are not creators but merely instruments.

Just like we create our own reality, like each
& every one of us creates his own individual reality.
All of us together create the objective reality, the so called
real & one & only reality & when we do meet, our different
perspectives & point of views or the way we see reality,
melts like grains in water. Some grains absorb the
water almost immediately while others remain
themselves under all circumstances.

Some people absorb the good & vice
& imitate 2 their knowledge what’s good & despise bad,
while others see good &/or evil & don’t care about
neither of them as long as they are fine.

Karma directs reality in harmony
with choice & free-will up & until all gets reset
& equalized under ‘the Light’ making everything
& everyone come together in Sameness from
knowledge of truth within the Truth.

Nothing but Changes both made
& directed by Karma truly abides forever.
Nothing ever remains the same
& yet all is return.

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