Why do people meet in general
& why don’t they ? Why do we meet somehow
through this text that you are reading ? Why did I
wrote this & why are you reading it right now ? Is this text
meant 2 be read by you ? Did I maybe wrote
this text just 4 you ?

Do you believe in chance ?
Either way, we had 2 meet somehow !
Somehow we had 2 come together through this text
4 chance is absolutely non-existent & just because of that
all has purpose & we somehow had 2 meet & by your reading,
it’s obvious that you needed me or I needed you 2
become whole &/or complete or 2 make
me or you a better person.

The whole & only purpose of getting together
is bringing each-other on a higher level.

Either way, you have 2 learn from me or I have
2 learn from you or you wouldn’t be reading this
& I wouldn’t have written let alone publish it on the
internet. Somehow, we needed 2 meet each other,
though maybe not physically but that’s just
a detail. Karma makes things happen.

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