Thoughts aren’t personal !
Thoughts aren’t personal creations !
People don’t create with their Mind ! People
unconsciously reduplicate, copy & paste within their
minds from out of ‘the cloud &/or curtain of thoughts’.

Einstein most probably new, that when he got ‘an idea’,
that in fact he didn’t came-up with an idea, but that he’s made
himself compatible 2 information that gave him ‘an idea’ ! 

Einstein probably also knew that when he knew
‘something’, that ‘something’ gets reflected in ‘the cloud of
thoughts’ which makes it immediately accessible 2 all
sentient beings, alive &/or dead, who are
compatible 2 this information.

Einstein most probably knew all of this & although
he couldn’t encompass it, let alone read all the signs, he
maybe even knew that the traffic from & 2 this ‘cloud of
thoughts’ is ruled by karma, karma that we feed
by The laws of Attraction !

Like why are you reading this right now ?
You’ve attracted it ! Karma helps you with whatever
you think helps you until karma rectifies you
& your wrongs by a reset, like by death.

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