Kill the seed of Becoming
& rebirth by thoughtcontrol 4 what feeds
the Soul frees the Soul & what feeds the Soul
is release of the Soul from thoughts !

Kill the seed of Becoming
& empty your mind of all reason stemming from
earth’s dualism 4 mind manifested in thought attaches 2 being
& reason & is the opposite of anyone’s search 4 enlightenment
4 the obstacle 2 enlightenment is uncontrolled thinking &
excessive worldly knowledge implanted in the brain.

The brain is that appropriate
perception-creating-organ, easing the adaptation
2 a world of dualism aided by consciousness or mind that
associates what’s associable within earthly reality
2 ease earthly being & that’s all 4 we
don’t need the brain 2 really be !

The mind, human consciousness that’s manifested
in thought & feeling, will, memory & imagination doesn’t
originate in the brain ! The creation of thoughts & the capacity
4 memory aren’t linked 2 the brain ! The mind is independent
from the body, it doesn’t need the body 2 be & doesn’t
end with the end of the body.

Kill the seed of Becoming
by emptying your mind from all thoughts
& earthly tied knowledge & the light of enlightenment
soon will enter & awe, whammy & maybe woe
your brains though ease, comfort & relax
your mind & consciousness !

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