Suffering is really part of Earthly life & yet a lot of us,
convinced that all it takes is determination & will, some
luck & a little material wealth & all is or will be fine, great
& fun, think otherwise. These ‘happy-go-lucky’ ones are the
contemporary servants of Mãyã’s game of integrating souls.
Mãyã won their hearts & minds & they’ve unconsciously
become death-fearing lovers & propagators of life
& Mãyã’s helpers in collecting hearts
& minds or Souls.

If a Self, if someone does not recognize or know
that life is Suffering, then that Self is swallowed-up
by earthly life & -affairs. If a Self, if someone is ignorant
of the fact that Suffering is tied 2 Being (only!) & vice a versa
then that someone suffers from delusions – albeit unconsciously !
If a Self, if someone is convinced that Suffering ain’t general
& connected 2 Being & life on Earth, albeit that Suffering
ain’t generally & constantly felt nor experienced by all
Sentient Selves involved, then Mãyã contaminated
& addicted them & in fact & apparently overcame
them, when they’ve got lost in becoming.

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