A Self when in Being, immediately suffers
from illusions 4 almost immediately it darkens
it’s Self in need of love & survival, by separating itself
within its mind from all & others. A tragic misconception
of Self, that is the producer of Self-centeredness
& the reason why any Self discriminates !

Any Self residing in Somethingness,
overdoses in rationality & reason, drowns in causality
& choice & is sometimes like harassed by incomprehensible
hardly controllable emotions, cannot but make any Self
see almost nothing (!) but distinctions & differences.

It’s mãyã’s integration of Souls.
Mãyã’s dualism integrating Selves, bringing 2 them
the separation of mind & matter, animated ‘things’ & things,
people & animals, etc. A dualism that also produced
the separation of yin & yang in man.

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  1. Hopelessly Romantic Cinderella says:

    Beautiful post. Very thought-provoking.

    I would love you to check out my latest as well ; https://hoplesslyromanticcinderella.wordpress.com/2015/05/13/a-meeting-with-marigold/

    • You cannot help all the people ! Some people are made 2 experience 4 themselves, that is their way of learning, which you should not try 2 change or they’ll never learn ! If you keep-on hanging round those kinds of people, people who don’t know about the true meaning of the word love, you’ll soon be attracting those kinds of people ! People that’ll only want you 4 the wrong reasons, like 4 your sex, company, money & things or whatever but never 2 make life & being pleasant & at ease by helping & taking care of one-another. It seems 2 me you are drowned in sympathy, empathy & in search of a life that can only be meaningful 2 you when you are taking care of things or people that didn’t asked 4 your help ! Search 4 meaning within your own Self & not in somebody’s else Self ! How can somebody alike yourself come along when you surround yourself with unalike ? How can love come 2 you when you are drowned in love & compassion, sympathy & empathy ? It can’t ! Not before you let it all go & empty yourself from it & then it’ll come 4 you have made space & then it will be what you needed & desired 4 then it will be genuine ! You really are like you say you are : hopelessly romantic. Stop Cinderella at least 4 your own sake before karma inflicts you with what you’ve caused & attracted & compulsively searched 4 ! When one depends 2 much on others one will sometimes be loved & other times be rejected &/or shunned, pulled &/or dragged, etc. Confusion & unrest is the consequence from passion ! Drowned in passion one cannot but suffocate & from thereon never be at ease in the company of others, nor with the ‘lover/partner’ & most definitely, one will be &/or have become unable 2 be alone with one’s own Self. Being unable 2 be alone ? Is that not also like lack of love internally within one’s own self or lack of love 4 one’s own Self making one look 4 it externally ? But, like you know, when love is not within you, you won’t see nor find it outside of you. Remember desiring nothing at all & doing nothing ? Remember happiness within just being ?

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