Any Self when in Being,
stimulated by the senses within the expanding
of thought, that fuels desire, identifies itself as existing
intrinsically & later on even as existing independent
of the mind & the body.

It’s mãyã’s integration of Souls.
Any Self, hardly in Being, falls into this delusive trap
4 Being, as opposed 2 Non-Being,  expands the Separation,
that cannot but generate emotions of alienation & loneliness,
even sadness, despair & regret, though both in wonder &
surprise of Being. Almost all Selves integrate under
this misconception of Self that is also the cause
of loss of memory from Non-Being.

Any Self, hardly into Being,
still in full memory of Non-Being,
cannot but lose almost all memory of Non-Being,
from getting into Being & consequently
overdosing on Confusion.

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