No one can abolish
delusions by adding 2 the Illusion !
We’ve been propelled into this cycle of Suffering
by our delusions, though we would be adding another
illusion if we think we can completely abolish ignorance
& with that all delusions while still in Being !

Being contaminates the mind ! Everything
& absolutely all related 2 Being are perturbations
of the mind ! It’s mãyã’s game of mindcontrol by attaching
thoughts & minds consequently attaching souls
2 samsara within countless mãyã’s.

Renunciation is man’s only way out
of this delusiveness. Detachment from all connected
2 Being in general is man’s only way out of repeated rebirth
or Being – creator of extended Suffering. Renunciation from all
that can bring about aberrations of our mind is the way. Beware
though ! Renunciation is not at all about renouncing
the comforts of material but about overcoming of
desire, lust & emotion by the will
coming from the mind !

Renunciation of worldly pleasures is mind purification.
Non-attachment 2 all related 2 Being purifies the mind from
distractions & dis-connects & dis-attaches minds from mãyã’s war
on thoughts & minds. Detachment through avoidance from
all that can bring disturbance of mindcontrol gives
peace of mind & saves the soul & then especially
when in the hour of death.

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