No one can abolish
delusions by adding 2 the Illusion !
Absolutely nothing earthly is able 2 put
an end 2 an earthly product like Ignorance !
One can only destroy something from the Separation
like ignorance by its opposite 4 all is drenched in dualism
& the opposite of Ignorance is wisdom or Omniscience.
Knowledge originating & received from & thus
directly linked 2 the One or Brahman, tao
or dao, Allah, Yahweh, the holy Father,
Abraham, God, etc., through

Enlightenment, man’s only possibility 2
intensely though not completely eliminate
Ignorance & Enlightenment happens foremost
through Yajña, through detachment & renunciation,
regardless of anything worldly, activity, knowledge
& even bodily posture or Asãna 4 that matter.

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