Why are so many people
ignorant of the fact that life &/or being
is suffering, regardless of how everyone is
actually doing while in being ?

It’s not because one feels like one is having
a good life that life is really good & vice a versa !
Declaring that life is great or that life is nothing but
suffering, would be merely an opinion & the worth
of an opinion is what ? Nothing !

Saying that life is this or that is like saying that one
is an expert on happiness, an authority on contentment
& it’s like saying that well-being is equal & general 2 everyone.
On the other hand, if one would have knowledge of the opposite
of being one could compare & then one can examine & analyze
as much as one wants, but in the end the result will be, what
the Buddhist’s & Hindu’s have been declaring
4 centuries : Being is suffering !

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